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ESWP gives you a complete overview of the duties and allowances
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As well as their commitment to the delivery of the timetable, academic staff spend time at a variety of other tasks. Enterprise Staff Workload Planner (ESWP) gives you a complete overview of the duties and allowances for each member of staff and assists the user to distribute tasks equitably. Authorised users can add as many tasks and allowances as required to represent the different duties undertaken by staff in their institution. These may be independent of the timetable (e.g. a member of staff is allowed time for setting examination questions) or associated with a teaching activity (e.g. a member of staff has extra time allocated for teaching a large group or outside of normal working hours). Allowances may contribute a fixed time to the workload or a time dependent on the number of students (e.g. marking exams gives an allowance of 10 minutes per student) or the duration of the activity (e.g. weekend teaching counts as an extra 50% of the time actually taught). The user can specify named blocks of weeks (e.g. terms, semesters) and statistical analysis can be viewed by week or, in summary form, by named block.

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